Redmond Gary Australia Pty Ltd

Quality Policy

Redmond Gary is a leading manufacturer, installer and servicer of specialised equipment for use in handling overhead, underground and trailing cables.

We achieve success by:

  • Striving to work as an efficient team within each business area of the company;
  • Preparing and completing each task to the customer’s requirements and on time;
  • Notifying the customer immediately or any delays to delivery of products or services;
  • Adhering to and keeping up to date with legal and client requirements;
  • Establishing and reviewing our business and quality objectives;
  • Monitor of business and quality objectives via set targets to ensure customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of the company which are reviewed at the Management Review meetings.

An essential part of this is that we must always seek to maintain good relationships with clients, employees, sub-contractors and suppliers.

As a result, we are committed to following all the procedures in the Business Management System which has been prepared to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and to continual improvement of the Business Management System.