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Australian Super Corporate Triathlon (May, 2015)

Redmond Gary had two teams of three compete in the Australian Super Corporate Triathlon at the Gold Coast Spit on Saturday, 2nd May.

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Welcome to the Team: Introducing new RG staff (April, 2015)

Redmond Gary welcomed Alan Nielsen and Grant Cheetham to the team.

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Fibre Reinforced Dunnage Stands Up Under Pressure (March, 2015)

Redmond Gary Australia has been developing a new form of dunnage that outperforms the equivalent plastic and wooden styles currently available.

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Another Danks joins the Ranks (February, 2015)

Redmond Gary Australia welcomes its newest engineering employee, Michael Danks; a recent graduate of The University of Queensland's School of Mechanical Engineering.

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The TL17M MEWP: Moment Sensing System (January, 2015)

RGA is committed to safety and is continually improving all its safety features. The MSS is just one such example of this.

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Redmond Gary's Christmas party (December, 2014)

Redmond Gary's Christmas party was held on Friday 12th December at the Glades Golf Course in Robina.

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Representing Australia at the Connexis Annual Connection in NZ (November, 2014)

Redmond Gary Australia attended the Connexis Annual Line Mechanic and Cable Jointer Competition in Christchurch, New Zealand in October 2014.

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New TL17M MEW demonstration throughout NSW, VIC and QLD (October, 2014)

New TL17M MEWP is being demonstrated to customers throughout New South Wales and Victoria and demonstrations will start in Queensland in the second week of October.

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30t Drum Stand delivery to Cowell Electrical (September, 2014)

30t Drum Stand delivered to Cowell Electrical for a project at Olympic Dam, South Australia.

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RG has just delivered five self loading cable trailers to Ausgrid (August, 2014)

Redmond Gary Australia has just delivered five self loading cable trailers to Ausgrid.