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Redmond Gary Australia has delivered the second 3-Drum Winch to New Zealand. (February, 2010)

The unit was delivered to Marlborough Lines in Blenheim, South Island of New Zealand.

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Redmond Gary Australia honours senior staff with 80 years combined experience (February, 2010)

Three long serving staff members of Redmond Gary Australia celebrated 80 years combined service.

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Triple 6-Tonne Drum Stand assembly delivered to Energy Australia (January, 2010)

Energy Australia has received a new Triple 6-Tonne Drum Stand.

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ACTEW/AGL accepts delivery of new 10/25kN 3-Drum Winch (January, 2010)

ACTEW/AGL based in Canberra has accepted delivery of new design 3-Drum Winch.

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Certificate of Registration from Asia Pacific Utilities Group (November, 2009)

Redmond Gary Australia achieves registration as supplier to Asia Pacific Utilities Group.

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New & Innovative Products Forum 2009 (November, 2009)

The PoleX was demonstrated at the New & Innovative Products Forum 2009 held on 25th November at Exhibition Park in Canberra.

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Redmond Gary Australia upgrades its Engineering Department capabilities. (November, 2009)

Redmond Gary Australia's design office brings state-of-the-art capability making it possible to optimise all designs, create certifiable design calculations and accelerate the design process.

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Innovative New Equipment - Safe Way to Remove Poles (October, 2009)

Redmond Gary Australia has demonstrated the first Pole Extractor to Energy Australia.

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2009 ESITO Line Mechanic and Cable Joiners Competition in New Zealand

Redmond Gary Australia has exhibited at the 2009 ESITO Line Mechanic and Cable Joiners Competition which was held in New Zealand.