Redmond Gary Australia Pty Ltd


Energex receives first dunnage delivery (June, 2017)

dunnage could be used by work groups it had to be evaluated by Energex engineering department. After testing and trials running for more than 12 months the dunnage has been accepted for use with MEWPs, vehicle loading cranes and crane borers. Dunnage has been supplied in two sizes 550 x 550 x 16mm with Work Load Limit of 11,000kg and 550 x 550 x 22mm with Work Load Limit of 22,000kg. The dunnage has been provided with the Energex logo so it can be easily identified as their property.


Part of the evaluation process compared the functionality of DuraComp 40 dunnage versus timber dunnage. As DuraComp 40 has a considerably longer life, there are obvious cost savings. The dunnage is lighter and, being considerably thinner, it is easier to store and handle. The dunnage has a coefficient of friction similar to timber dunnage and has stood up to rigorous testing both by Energex and several other electricity authorities. Redmond Gary Australia's DuraComp 40 dunnage is now the preferred product for Ausgrid, Essential Energy and is currently being evaluated by SA Power Networks and Ausnet.

Redmond Gary is currently developing dunnage with much higher Work Load Limits for the crane industry.