Redmond Gary Australia Pty Ltd


Redmond Gary Australia has supplied GPS Data with a specially modified side mount cable pusher (May, 2017)

GPS Data Net Inc. is a Korean based firm that specialises in operating and deploying a range of seabed burial equipment nationally and internationally. They provide Route Clearance and Pre Lay Grapnel Run (RC/PLGR) capability to subsea cable projects as well as shore end installation.

Redmond Gary Australia has supplied GPS Data with a specially modified side mount cable pusher that has the capability of handing cables with an outside diameter ranging in size from 27mm to 150mm. This cable pusher will be mounted on the deck of a vessel along with purpose designed roller / guide system for the installation of undersea fibre optic cables. These armoured cables have an outside diameter varying in size between 32mm to 59mm outside diameter.

GPS Data will use this cable pusher for a contract with Korea Telecom for the safe and cost effective installation of cable close to the shore in water up to 50m deep. GPS Data will be involved in laying between 7km-8km of cable, with the entire Korea Telecom project utilising more than 1000km of cable. This new fibre optic cable will greatly increase Korea Telecom's capacity for faster internet data streaming and telephone calls.

The new Redmond Gary cable pusher has been supplied with a radio remote control and a data logger that allows download via USB port and RS232 port. This enables the end user to continuously stream data in real time. The equipment offers significant advantages over existing equipment and installation methods currently in use as the end user is able to accurately monitoring the cable installation, thus minimising the risk of the cable being damaged during the laying process.

GPS Data Net Inc. has had strong demand for this vessel in the South East Asian region and there are a number of cable laying projects coming up in the near future in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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