Redmond Gary Australia Pty Ltd


Northwest Rapid Transit Infrastructure Joint Venture (February 2017)

Redmond Gary has been supplying cable handling equipment to Diona for many years. Diona is a major civil contractor who specialises in installation of heavy electrical cables. Redmond Gary was approached by Diona who had a very specific requirement to install 4 x 33kV cables from Chatswood North Substation to Epping Services Facility Traction Substation, within the Epping Services Facility Traction Substation, within the Epping to Chatswood Rail Link tunnel (ECRL). 2 x cables were installed in the Up Tunnel (13,000m route length), and 2 x cables in the Down Tunnel (13,000m route length), with the cable to total approximately 52,000m.

This scope of work was a part of the major upgrades of Sydney Metro Northwest project. Diona designed a cable laying system using Redmond Gary 14 tonne cable drum stand attached onto hi rail trolley to feed cable from cable drum into the cable tray. The efficiency of this system has been well over expectation as it only took 30 minutes to completely lay 800m of the cable into the final position.