Redmond Gary Australia Pty Ltd


RG - TL17M

Basic Specifications

  • Manufactured from Dura-Comp 40
  • Basket WLL 400kg
  • Working height 19m
  • Basket floor to ground height 17m
  • Maximum side reach 13.5m
  • Closed centre hydraulic system
  • Open circuit is optional
  • Next generation radio control
    • CANbus
    • Highest level of safety
    • Basket observer remotes

General information for TL17M

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Hydraulic System

Hydraulic system is closed centre with 37 litre accumulator or open centre hydraulic system available. This is supplied with proportional hydraulic valving. Control is via basket and observer next generation CAN bus radio control offering the highest level of safety. All hydraulic cylinders are fitted with counterbalance or load holding valves. As standard, the system is provided with DC pump backup in case of hydraulic system failure. Highest level of filtration system is provided featuring 10-micron absolute filtration and incorporates pressure filter, return line filter and filler breather elements. Filters are electrically monitored and alarm systems are provided.


EWPs can be mounted on a wide range of trucks to suit the customer’s requirements. These include 4x2, 4x6 and 6x6. Customers can choose from a wide range of locker systems and different types of mounting such as flexible fish plates, etc. The subframe is provided with four vertical jacklegs making it possible to raise the wheels clear of the ground when being operated. Because the wheels are clear of the ground, the EWP can be set up at any angle and does not rely on the tyres to provide braking.

Platform Unit General

Telescopic with fly jib articulation type with a two man basket. Fail safe, automatic levelling system giving maximum operating height of 19m and side reach of 13.5m. It is capable of continuous 360°rotation in either direction.


Standard machines are powered from gearbox PTO.

Telescopic Booms

Fabricated from folded galvanised plate producing light, but strong sections with wide bearing pivots giving long life, maximum corrosion protection and rigid operation. All booms are coated with Dura-Comp 40 to give long life and low voltage insulation rating.

Fly Boom

Constructed from Dura-Comp 40, pressurised and sealed inside. This means it will never require internal cleaning for the life of the EWP. This high capacity ultra-strong boom features slim line design, increasing access when working around cross arms and poles. The fly boom can be rated up to 132kV precipitation (rain).


Rotates on heavy-duty slew ring. Slew is by hydraulic motor driven through epicyclic gearbox which incorporates failsafe brake. Hydraulic and electric rotary couplings are included to provide 360° continuous rotation in both directions. The rigidity of design of booms and braking mechanism prevent the machine from pushing away from the job when operators apply force to drill holes in walls or swinging on spanners. The lower boom insert is built into the turret assembly. This insert has a rating of 33kV and can be rated in precipitation.


Redmond Gary Australia is the only manufacturer in the work who can offer patented technology to give insulation rating of LV, 33kV, 66kV and 132kV in accordance with AS1418.10 2011 for dry, wet and precipitation rating (150mm per hour of rain).

> Click here for description of insulation in the rain (PDF)

High Voltage Basket

The basket is manufactured from Dura-Comp 40 and has a high voltage rating that does not require the liner. The basket 400kg WLL (work load limit). With no requirement for a liner the whole 400kg capacity is available for personnel and tools. The basket can rotate 180°with no reduction in WLL. The basket is provided with internal step and internal lanyard attachment points. Access to the basket power tool outlet has been improved. A multi tool point has been provided on the front face of the basket with a vertical rating of 160kg and a side rating of 70kg. A polyurethane rim is provided incorporating tie points for cross arms, etc. The basket can be tilted so the rim is in contact with the ground to remove an incapacitated operator.

Control System

CAN bus control system with IP67 safety system and CAN bus dual radio remote. This new system is fully integrated with the EWP and radio control. A high definition colour touch screen is provided inside the cab. Full diagnostics of the EWP is provided with data logger. The system is very intuitive and easy to use with ultra-clear screen and graphics.


12 months parts and labour.

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001:2008

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RG - TL17M flight envelope


Type Vehicle mounted Elevating Work Platform
Standard AS1418.10 2011
Operating height and reach Height to the floor of the basket – 17 metres
Working height – 19 metres
Maximum outreach – 13 metres
Working reach – 13.6 metres
Work Load Llimit 400kg
Insulation Rating 132kV
- Dry Insulation
- Wet Insulation
- Precipitation insulation (150mm/h rain)
Wind Rating 45 km/h
Cab Chassis Available in 4x2 cab chassis
Available in 4x6 cab chassis
Available in 6x6 cab chassis
Basket Basket construction is Dura-Comp 40 and is fire retardant to ASTM D635-91
Basket Rotation 180°standard
Controls Basket and Observer radio control auxiliary/emergency controls on top of rear left hand jackleg. Backup emergency power supply
Safety Controls Manual hand pump at emergency control station. Accumulator Hydraulic basket tilt making it possible to lay the lip of the basket on the ground
Functions Boom luff, Telescoping boom, Fly boom, Automatic basket levelling
Slew 360°continuous
Stabilisers 2 x out and down jacklegs at the front and 2 x vertical hydraulically operated jacklegs – ball type self-levelling foot plates
Maximum width of base 2.44 metres
Maximum width of base with out and down fully extended jacklegs 3.45 metres