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Cable Drum Handling Equipment / 1.5T Drum Stand - 3 Drums

RG - 1.5T Drum Stand - 3 Drums


The spindles are locked in place with the aid of pins and each spindle is provided with lifting lugs at each end. All spindle hardware is zinc plated and gold passivated. All drum stands are provided with stainless steel disc brake and maintenance-free bearings.

Each drum stand (module) is a separate stand-alone unit and is mounted onto a hot dip galvanized frame with the aid of location pins and lynch pins. As an alternative to linking 3 Drum Stands using the link pin option, 3 Drum Stands or more can be placed on a special skid with container locks positioned at the same distance as a 20 foot container.  This gives a possibility of large diameter drums on drum stands without the drum touching each other.


  • Maximum drum diameter – 1600mm
  • Maximum drum width – 950mm
  • Maximum drum weight – 1500kg
  • Number of drum stands - 3

Change in Specification

Design and improvement of products is a continuous process. We, therefore, reserve the right to make design improvements differing from this specification after receipt of an order. However, any major changes will only be made with the approval of the customer or its' representatives.


12 months parts and labour in accordance with guarantee and sales conditions.